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Movie Hollywood Killing Them Softly
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Killing Them Softly

  • Cast: Brad Pitt,Richard Jenkins,Ray Liotta
  • Release Date: 05 , Oct 2012
  • Director(s): Andrew Dominik
  • Music Director(s):
  • Producer(s): Brad Pitt, Dede Gardner
  • Genre: Crime,Suspense

Adopted from George V Higgins 1970s crime novel, Killing Them gently draws frontward its down and dirty story of poker games, irrelevant criminals and the mob to 2008, but continue that decade’s breakdown, end of the world look in its near apocalyptic New Orleans setting and in its promise to serious, entertaining American cinema. Directed by Andrew Dominik, it pulls off the clever deception of operating as a gangster movie featuring characters with missions to finish and people to kill while at the same time unsteadily discouragement these same folk, featuring them with a serious dose of incompetence. The plot of story finds small fish swimming with sharks. Two wistful, penniless young crimes, Frankie and Russell, shoot up a backroom poker game run by Markie. Soon after they have a cool and peaceful crowd fixer, Jackie on their conclusion, who in turn hires a killer, Mickey, his trainer is a backroom suit, Driver.

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