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Movie Hollywood Machine Gun Preacher
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Machine Gun Preacher

  • Cast: Gerard Butler,Michelle Monaghan,Michael Shannon
  • Release Date: 09 , Dec 2011
  • Running Time: 2 Hours 3 Minutes
  • Director(s): Marc Forster
  • Music Director(s):
  • Producer(s): Robbie Brenner & Deborah Giarratana
  • Genre: Action

Here the director Marc Forster works for children's spiritual grappling in order to take the movie to a great extend of success. Well, it is a story of real time orphanage with named Gerard Butler as Sam Childers who is half saint and half psycho that dedicatedly works for Sudanese children who forced to them to become soldiers for humanity and for their country. Here we can say complete package of battle and action movie at the end of year where the Hero on one hand taken care of cute kiddies and on other hand blasts away baddies. Best cast role players like Corey Large, Gerard Butler, Kathy Baker, Madeline Carroll and many more finally succeeds to make mature ending.

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