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Movie Hollywood Nightcrawler
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  • Cast: Bill Paxton,Rene Russo,Jake Gyllenhaal
  • Release Date: 07 , Nov 2014
  • Director(s): Dan Gilroy
  • Music Director(s): James Newton Howard
  • Producer(s): Betsy Danbury ,manager Mads Hansen
  • Genre:

This imminent American crime thriller has been expertly written and masterly directed by Dan Gilroy, and is now ready to be released on October 31, 2014. This pulse-pounding thriller is a story of an ambitious and vibrant young man Lou Bloom [Jake Gyllenhaal], anxious for work, who comes across the fast-paced underground world of Los Angeles freelance crime journalism. With a group of camera crews who shoot fires, murders, crashes, and other mishaps, Lou forges ahead into the dangerous world of nightcrawling. Bulk part of the shootings has been made in the nocturnal underbelly of contemporary Los Angeles, to enthrall most. At the Toronto International Film Festival (September 05, 2014), this film achieved positive reviews from critics.

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