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  • Cast: Samuel L. Jackson,Elizabeth Olsen,Josh Brolin
  • Release Date: 29 , Nov 2013
  • Director(s): Spike Lee
  • Music Director(s):
  • Producer(s): Doug Davison, Roy Lee
  • Genre: Crime,Suspense

Presented by South Korean Director Park Chan-wook, Oldboy is a story about Oh Dae-su is a common Seoul businessman living with a wife and little daughter. He is locked up in a strange, private prison after a drunken night on the town, on the day of birth of his daughter. No one will inform him why he's there or who his prison officer is. The custody last for 15 years until one day when Dae-su finds himself suddenly put down on a grass-covered high-rise roof, resolute to find out the mysterious enemy who had him locked up. Oh Dae-su fights to unknot the secret of who is responsible for locking him up, what taken place to his wife and daughter, and how to best get retribution against his captors.

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