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Movie Hollywood PEPPERMINT
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  • Cast: Tyson Ritter,Richard Cabral,Jennifer Garner
  • Release Date: 07 , Sep 2018
  • Director(s): Pierre Morel
  • Music Director(s): Simon Franglen
  • Producer(s): Lakeshore Entertainment
  • Genre: Thriller,Drama,Action

This American vigilante action-drama thriller film directed by Pierre Morel, is going to be released on September 07, 2018. This is a revenge story revolving round a young widow named Riley North [played by Jennifer Garner] who embarked on the vigilante justice against all those who had destroyed her family life, when she found that the system too was frustratingly shielding the murderers from justice. Eluding the underworld, the police, and the FBI, Riley was then determined to deliver methodically her own brand of justice to the murderers of her husband and daughter.

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