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Movie Hollywood Phantom Thread
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Phantom Thread

  • Cast: Vicky Krieps,Lesley Manville,Daniel Day-Lewis
  • Release Date: 25 , Dec 2017
  • Director(s): Paul Thomas Anderson
  • Music Director(s): Jonny Greenwood
  • Producer(s): Paul Thomas Anderson and Megan Ellison
  • Genre: Drama

To hit the theaters on 25th December 2017, ‘Phantom Thread’ is an American period drama film set in the glamourous couture world of London in 1950s. Written, shot, and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, this is a captivating and reflective story of a well-eminent dressmaker Reynolds Woodcock and his solitary internal life, which gets interfered by a strong-willed young woman Alma. After coming across Alma, the well-planned and strictly bridled life of Reynolds gets disrupted by his love for her. Reported as being the last film of Daniel Day-Lewis, this film stars Daniel Day-Lewis [as Reynolds Woodcock], Lesley Manville [as Cyril Woodcock], and Vicky Krieps [as Alma] in lead roles.

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