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Movie Hollywood Rampage
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  • Cast: Malin Akerman,Naomie Harris ,Dwayne Johnson
  • Release Date: 13 , Apr 2018
  • Director(s): Brad Peyton
  • Music Director(s): Andrew Lockington
  • Producer(s): Brad Peyton, Beau Flynn, John Rickard, Hiram Garcia
  • Genre: Science Fiction,Action

Finally set for release in the United States on 13th April 2018, ‘Rampage’ is an American sci-fi monster film packed with thrilling action, adventure, and fantasy, and has been directed by Brad Peyton. Primatologist Davis Okoye [played by Dwayne Johnson], the head of an anti-poaching unit, finds out that his beloved animal friend George (an albino silverback gorilla) has been transformed into a giant raging monster by a rogue genetic experiment gone awry. He also witnesses that, a grey wolf named Ralph, and an American crocodile named Lizzie, have also been infected and mutated by someone mysterious. Now, Davis Okoye is concerned with save George, and stop Ralph and Lizzie from creating widespread havoc, with help of a genetic engineer Dr. Kate Caldwell [played by Naomie Harris], and discover who mutated the gentle animals.

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