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Movie Hollywood Sabotage
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  • Cast: Terrence Howard,Sam Worthington,Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Release Date: 28 , Mar 2014
  • Director(s): David Ayer
  • Music Director(s):
  • Producer(s): Joe Roth, Albert S. Ruddy
  • Genre: Drama,Crime,Action

Sabotage is an action thriller, tells the story about members of an elite DEA task force discover themselves being taken down one by one after they hold up a drug cartel safe house. Breacher is the veteran DEA agent in charge of a brave squad. After successfully hiding 10 million in drug money during a heroic bust, their plan cascade apart when they come back to discover that someone has swiped the money. As the occurrence gets investigated, everybody is suspended from job. After authorities fail to carry any charges, Breacher starts retraining the group which has grown corroded and suspicious of each other during the long suspends. Soon the remaining members of the crew comprehend that one of them is liable for the murders, and that same person most likely has the cash as well.

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