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Movie Hollywood Scary Movie 5
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Scary Movie 5

  • Cast: Ashley Tisdale,Simon Rex,Charlie Sheen,Lindsay Lohan
  • Release Date: 12 , Apr 2013
  • Director(s): Malcolm D. Lee
  • Music Director(s):
  • Producer(s): David Zucker
  • Genre: Comedy

Scary Movie 5 is a story of happily married couple Dan and Jody, both begin to observe few bizarre activity one time they carry their newborn baby Aiden home from the hospital. But when the confusion grows into Jody's job as a music dancer and Dan's occupation as an Ape research worker, they recognize they're family is being stalked by a wicked devil. Together, with the counsel of authorized experts and the help of many cameras, they must illustrate out how to get free of it before it's excessively late. Written and Directed by Scott Stewart, Scary Movie 5 features many scary moments and the couple who realize that the family is targeted by anonymous terrific and deadly power, they take the matters in their hand and solve the mystery of what is after their family.

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