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Movie Hollywood Sleeping Beauty
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Sleeping Beauty

  • Cast: Emily Browning,Rachael Blake,Michael Dorman,Ewen Leslie,Peter Carroll
  • Release Date: 28 , Oct 2011
  • Running Time: 1 Hour 47 Minutes
  • Director(s): Julia Leigh
  • Music Director(s): Ben Frost
  • Producer(s): Jessica Brentnall,Timothy White & Sasha Burrows
  • Genre: Fantasy

Here the lead role player Emily Browning worked for the world of beauty under unspoken desire. She act as pretty and young university student who under the radical passivity really renowned by unnerving experience while funding her studies. In the beginning of the movie she managed to flip a coin in order to decide her random sexual encounter that latterly turns over ridiculous act of sleeping beauty. After she got a job of lingerie waitress, needs to administer her clients sleep by being sedated. During the same session, she too becomes a sleeping beauty that further cursed out her daily life. Well, out off her passivity, she decided to uncover all the secrets about what happens to her after she sleeps. Very erotic drama where I hope you would have enjoyable time while viewing..!!

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