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Movie Hollywood The Amazing Spider-Man
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The Amazing Spider-Man

  • Cast: Andrew Garfield,Emma Stone,Rhys Ifans,Martin Sheen,Sally Field,Irrfan Khan
  • Release Date: 03 , Jul 2012
  • Director(s): Marc Webb
  • Music Director(s): James Horner
  • Producer(s): Avi Arad, Todd Black & Laura Ziskin
  • Genre: Action

The Amazing Spider-Man is an upcoming American superhero film scheduled to release on July 3, 2012. Spider man is the world’s most popular character and this time, he is back on the big screen as a new chapter in the spider-man legacy revealed in The Amazing Spider-Man. The film is directed by March Webb, and is based on the comic book of the same name staring Andrew Garfield as the character spider man. The film features peter who is trying to find figure out who he is and how got to be the person he is today. On the other hand, he is also finding his way with his first school crush, Gwen Stacy and they together struggle with love, commitment and secrets. Peter finds a mysterious briefcase that belonged to his father; he begins a quest to understand the disappearance of his parents and the twist in the story then begins.

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