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Movie Hollywood The Longest Week
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The Longest Week

  • Cast: Jenny Slate,Jason Bateman,Olivia Wilde
  • Release Date: 17 , Apr 2015
  • Director(s): Peter Glanz
  • Music Director(s):
  • Producer(s): Uday Chopra
  • Genre: Romance,Drama,Comedy

The move is one of the most awaited film that has the Indian film tycoon Yash Raj Film's Entertainment ventures into the Hollywood and the story line that has shows the life of 30 year old Conrad Valmont. Since a young age he was given up to the staffs of the most well acclaimed Manhattan Hotel. His life overturns when he is overcome with the changes that are inclusive of the very fact that he is a lost his money or even a roof above his head. He has to struggle and in the streets until he meets his old friend Dylan(Crudup), as he works in his life to sort it out he meets with the love of his life Beatrice (Wilde) until reality come crushing down on him until he finds out that she is Dylan’s girlfriend. In one hand he has his life in another he has the women of his life and in another his friend who helped him.

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