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Movie Hollywood The Muppets
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The Muppets

  • Cast: Jason Segel,Amy Adams,Chris Cooper,Rashida Jones
  • Release Date: 25 , Nov 2011
  • Running Time: 120 Minutes
  • Director(s): James Bobin
  • Music Director(s): Christophe Beck
  • Producer(s): David Hoberman & Todd Lieberman
  • Genre: Family

The Muppets really is a Muppet movie that is produced under the Walt Disney Pictures. The movie written by Jason Segel who is also played a role of lead actor in this movie and Nicholas Stoller. The Muppets is of 120 minutes time duration and complete entertainer movie. It has directed by James Bobin who has got much reputation in the direction. The story of movie is based on Walter who is world's largest Muppet fan and his friends Gary and Marty. They all find out the disgraceful plan of oilman Tex Richman to demolish the Muppet Theater and pierce for the oil in recent times revealed under "the Muppet" former trudging ground. The music supervised by Bret McKenzie.

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