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Movie Hollywood The Predator
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The Predator

  • Cast: Jacob Tremblay,Keegan-Michael Key,Thomas Jane,Trevante Rhodes,Boyd Holbrook
  • Release Date: 14 , Sep 2018
  • Director(s): Shane Black
  • Music Director(s): Henry Jackman
  • Producer(s): John Davis
  • Genre: Horror,Action

Being released in the United States on 14th September 2018, this is an American sci-fi action adventure film co-written and directed by Shane Black. This film serves as the fourth installment in the Predator film series. This striking thriller film shows that the lethal and formidable hunters of the universe have now become more dangerous and disastrous after having upgraded themselves genetically taking DNA from other alien species. When a young boy Rory McKenna, (played by Jacob Tremblay) accidentally triggers an alert, the lethal predators get incited to come back to Earth to spread havoc. Now after the arrival of the predators on earth, only a crew of former soldiers and a discontented science teacher can stop them before everyone becomes their prey.

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