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Movie Hollywood Three Musketeers
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Three Musketeers

  • Cast: Logan Lerman,Matthew Macfadyen,Ray Stevenson,Luke Evans,Christoph Waltz,Orlando Bloom
  • Release Date: 21 , Oct 2011
  • Director(s): Paul W. S. Anderson
  • Music Director(s): Paul Haslinger,Paul Haslinger
  • Producer(s): Jeremy Bolt,Robert Kulzer,Samuel Hadida,Scott Rudin,Stephen Margolis
  • Genre: Action

The movie depicts the hidden concepts of Alexandre Duma's story. Well, the movie is based on the three rogue Musketeers - Luke Evans, Matthew MacFadyen and Ray Stevenson. Here, Logan Lerman who cast as D'Artagnan joins the forces with these three Musketeers in order to face off with Buckingham and stop the evil Richlieu. The movie is great example of updated 3D technology under adventurous scenic views.

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