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  • Cast: Jamie Bell,Andy Serkis, Daniel Craig,Simon Pegg,Nick Frost
  • Release Date: 11 , Nov 2011
  • Director(s): Steven Spielberg
  • Music Director(s): John Williams
  • Producer(s): Peter Jackson, Steven Spielberg,Kathleen Kennedy
  • Genre: Action

A complete adventure depicted through a treasure hunt made by Tintin and his friends after discovering the directions to a sunken ship. This 3D adventurous is on the way to hit the theater in the month of December 2011. Under the direction of Steven Spielberg, the co stars Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis and Daniel Craig have truly done their home work. Apart from adventure, there is also mysterious scenic views that really thrill you out. Well, it’s time to stop here and wish you a very joy and happy viewing!!

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