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  • Cast: Reid Scott,Scott Haze,Riz Ahmed,Michelle Williams,Tom Hardy
  • Release Date: 05 , Oct 2018
  • Director(s): Ruben Fleischer
  • Music Director(s): Ludwig Goransson
  • Producer(s): Avi Arad, Matt Tolmach, Amy Pascal
  • Genre: Science Fiction,Horror,Action

Being released on 5th October 2018 in USA, “Venom” is an American fantasy Sci-Fi action and horror film based on a Marvel Comics character of the same name, directed by Ruben Fleischer. In this film, Tom Hardy, an Academy Award (R) nominated actor, has played the pivotal role as journalist Eddie Brock/Venom. Seeking to revive his career after a scandal, journalist Eddie Brock opts for making an investigation into the Life Foundation, where he comes into contact with an alien parasite (symbiote) which bonds with him. Bonding with the parasite gives Brock some superpowers, as long as they share the same body.

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