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Movie Kids Jajantaram Mamantaram
(1972) Views
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Jajantaram Mamantaram

  • Cast: Joy Fernandes,Gulshan Grover,Jaaved Jaaferi
  • Release Date: 30 , May 2003
  • Running Time: 1 Hour 55 Minutes
  • Director(s): Shekhar Kapur
  • Music Director(s): Narayan Parashuram
  • Producer(s): Soumitra Ranade
  • Genre: Family

Under the direction of Soumitra Ranade, a Bombay-based Aditya Pandit lands up at Shundi where he finds tiny size people who mistaken him for a cruel giant but after knowing him as harmless, local villagers start welcomes him and enjoy to know more about his magical powers. Here you will find Javed Jaffrey as Aditya Pandit, Gulshan Grover as Chattan Singh, Manav Kaul as Jhamunda and Joy Fernandes as Jee Rang. There are many scenes liked by kids and parents as well, the climax of movie is very interesting where I hope for happy viewing..!!

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