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Movie Sports Ong Bak 3
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Ong Bak 3

  • Cast: Dan Chupong,Tony Jaa
  • Release Date: 05 , May 2010
  • Running Time: 1 Hour 35 Minutes
  • Director(s): Tony Jaa,Panna Rittikrai
  • Music Director(s): Terdsak Janpan,Terdsak Janpan
  • Producer(s): Tony Jaa , Panna Rittikrai
  • Genre: Action

Ong-Bak 3 is Thai arts film released in 2010 and story of this movie is about warrior of Prince Tien (Tony Jaa). This movie is directed, produced and written by Tony Jaa and Panna Rittikrai. The story tells us that Tony jaa is cruelly beaten before putting the death by Lord Rajasena’s men. But he came back to life by medical and spiritual Buddhists Monk, who gives many ideas to finish his uncompleted task. Then Tien makes a planning to fight against new tyrant.

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