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Movie Sports Stumped
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  • Cast: Salman Khan,Alyy Khan
  • Release Date: 18 , Jun 2003
  • Running Time: 2 Hour 30 Minutes
  • Director(s): Gaurab Pandey
  • Music Director(s): Shamir Tandon,Pritam Chakraborty
  • Producer(s): Raveena Tandon
  • Genre: Drama

Stumped is a 2003 bollywood film directed by Gaurab Pandey and produced by Raveena Tandon. Staring in this movie Raveena Tandon, Aly Khan,Viju Khote,Mac Mohan,Asha Sachdev,AnjanShrivasatva,Vallabh Vyas, Amrit Pal,Smita Hai,Anajan Sharma,Vani Tripathi,Preti Kopikar,Sumeet Mishra,Manva Naik,Amin Gazi,Vinod Singh and Salman Khan in major roles. This film was got a lot of popularity because this movie was about cricket. Raghav Seth (Aly Khan) was young army officer shifted to Delhi among with his beautiful and loving wife Reena (Ravina Tandon). This was the time of world cup, but Raghav Seth had to go at border to the country’s war with Pakistan at the kargil.

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