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Movie Sports The King of Fighters
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The King of Fighters

  • Cast: David Leitch,Monique Ganderton,Françoise Yip,Ray Park,Will Yun Lee,Maggie Q,Sean Faris
  • Release Date: 18 , Sep 2009
  • Running Time: 2 Hour 30 Minutes
  • Director(s): Gordon Chan
  • Music Director(s): Tetsuya Takahashi
  • Producer(s): Jonathan Glickman,Gary Barber,Roger Birnbaum
  • Genre: Action

King of fighters movie is directed by Gordon Chan and presented by Jet Li and Thunderbolt with Jackie Chan. The king of fighters is a film on SNK Playmore's The King of Fighters series of fighting games. Staring in this movie Sean Faris as Kyo Kusanagi, Maggie Q as Mai Shiranui, Will Yun Lee as Iori Yagami, and Ray Park as Rugal Bernstein. The story is about The King of Fighters, a tournament organized in another dimension, where all the players were participating in games and trying possible efforts to win the competition.

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