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TV Shows
  • Ek Nayi Choti Si Zindagi

    The story starts with two sisters Isha and Ira. But the time made them separated. Isha starts working with radio station with aim of searching her sister where as Ira grows up with frustration in her mind about her sister. Ira puts her sister responsible for... Read More »
  • Sanskaar Laxmi

    A story is about co-operation of uneducated and middle income group girl with her rich in-laws. A story begins with poor girl who is uneducated but very talented, hardworking and worldly wise. This attributes make her possible to be a daughter in law of rich... Read More »
  • Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuyien

    The story begins with MRS. KAUSHIK, who is a head of family - very hard and disciplined and always interested to make her own plans. She is very well trained to make most significant decisions for husband, her sons and for her four daughter in laws. The story... Read More »
  • Ram Milaayi Jodi

    Here we better come to know about India with different culture and tradition but people are still in making relations with each other. The story depicts about two souls who are made for each other but belonging to different religions. It's really tolerance and... Read More »
  • Pavitra Rishta

    Pavitra Rishta is the story of girl with named Archana. She narrates everything about her dreams to her mother. This results to a solely aim of her mother to find well educated and gentle boy for her daughter as per her dreams. But it always remains under... Read More »
  • Yahaaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli

    The story is all about a family on being facing problems while their financial condition changed. Here you will find Alok Nath as Thakur Uday Pratap Singh belonging to rich family. He has proud on his rich heritage and lavish lifestyle. He has one daughter that... Read More »
  • Shobha Somnath Ki

    A historical story of girl with an agile mind and dexterity of a shrewd, "Shobha". She really unknown to war planning but with her sharp mind and courage; able to handle an army of over 2 Lakh plunderers. In this story, Shobha managed to stand against Mughal... Read More »
  • Choti Bahu

    The story is well built on triangular relations between Radhika, Dev and Rohan. On one side eldest bahu of the Purohits "Maheshwari" planning to inherit Dadaji's property but finally got trapped under a snag when dada ji put his condition to give property to... Read More »
  • Diya Aur Baati Hum

    Here the story is about fulfilling the dreams even after getting marriage at early age. Sandhya, playing a lead role, has already being nurtured a dream of becoming IPS officer. But her graduation is still one the way, soon she got married to a man running a... Read More »
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