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  • Havan

    The story is about devotee's love and faith without putting any logic. For Indian TV, this is some like as distinct behavior of thinking that we can called blissful creativity. Here, you will find deep relation between devotee and God. How God can meet to one... Read More »
  • Veer Shivaji

    This story is based on the great Maratha Empire "Shiva ji" about their childhood, living style and how best there mother did to turn them one of the great warrior. It is not easy for director to depict the exact meaning of Veer Shivaji but somewhere it's all... Read More »
  • Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

    Is a story of a married couple Ram and Priya – lead role players who are very caring and dedicate to their families. Both Ram and Priya are of good ages 40 and 30, where they have declared that they missed the age of marriage and now they are not able to get... Read More »
  • Saas Bina Sasural

    Wonderful concept of a house with 7 male members and are always denied to bring any girl in a family. This puts an extreme hurdle for two lovers Toasti and Tej. Tej is one of the 5 sons of that 7 male of the family who are not allowing any girl in the family.... Read More »
  • Krishnaben Khakhrawala

    Well, after getting colorful desires, Neela Telefilms has remarked another century for Krishnaben Khakhrawala where a lead role player Indira Krishnan has completely thrilled to get a role of 40 year old woman along side with her tribulations in order to settle... Read More »
  • Maryada

    The story is of four women who act as manoeuvre to build their faith, love and value in the family. Whenever they act wisely, destiny brings some opposite to them. These four women lives in Jhaakar family - a bold family of Haryana where their relations become... Read More »
  • Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya

    The story is about two souls having same feelings and desire. Here, you actually experience with behaviors and rituals of people based on Allahabad. In this story there are many amazing personalities like Pratigya the lead female role, Krishna lead male role... Read More »
  • Navya

    Here, the story is about a cute and perfect couple made for each other - Anant and Navya. Both are playing their lead role in order to glue their audience. The story is about middle class family who is always remain under its traditions and customs. Navya as one... Read More »
  • Maayke Se Bandhi Dor

    This is one of the inspirational stories of India TV shows where you will find young women's fight against conventions. Here, the lead role player Avani, she is the eldest child in a family having a responsible to run her family with her meager income. It's all... Read More »
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