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TV Shows
  • Choti Bahu

    The story is well built on triangular relations between Radhika, Dev and Rohan. On one side eldest bahu of the Purohits "Maheshwari" planning to inherit Dadaji's property but finally got trapped under a snag when dada ji put his condition to give property to... Read More »
  • Diya Aur Baati Hum

    Here the story is about fulfilling the dreams even after getting marriage at early age. Sandhya, playing a lead role, has already being nurtured a dream of becoming IPS officer. But her graduation is still one the way, soon she got married to a man running a... Read More »
  • Uttaran

    The story is about how much one can jealous to her best of friends. Here, Ichcha and Tapasya are two friends, where Ichcha is a daughter of maid servant and Tapasya is a daughter of same landlord. They both are best friends but soon become the rival to each... Read More »
  • Na Aana Is Des Laado

    Is all about male-dominant world, where females have to face various problems. The story is depicted on Ammaji casts as lead role, who face the world with her social evilness. Ammaji, has two granddaughter who believes to follow female emancipation without any... Read More »
  • Phulwa

    Here, Swastik Pictures has finally done for amazing TV show Phulwa. It is a story of small girl with an age of 11 years, who seems to get trapped in a ruthless spat created by the villager’s Thakurs. She depicts to be very innocence and honest but finally... Read More »
  • Mukti Bandhan

    Simply wow..!! The story is filled with business conceptual and how best one can do apart from earning money. Here, business typhoon I.M. Virani, thinks that he has earned a lot in his life and there is nothing being left apart from him. But the entry of Devki... Read More »
  • Sasural Genda Phool

    The story of two strangers Suhana and Ishaan, who fall in love after marriage. The two strangers with complementary attitudes and distinct behaviors likely to fall in love with each other. Suhana , who showed herself as a pampered daughter where Ishaan very... Read More »
  • Parichay

    After getting favorable remarks on Star Plus, now balaji gets back on Color TV with its new script of "Parichay - Nayee Zindagi Key Sapno Ka", where the main lead role cast by Sameer Soni as Kunal Chopra a lawyer by profession. Whereas Aarti Singh another... Read More »
  • India's Got Talent - 3

    Well, the best work given by a cooperative efforts of Colors TV and Britain's FremantleMedia to launch the the Indian franchise of the Got Talent series 1, 2 and now 3. India's first platform where one can show his or her talent ranging from Singing to music,... Read More »
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