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TV Shows Colors Uttaran
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  • Time :Mon-Fri 10:30 PM
  • Written by : Mitali,Nandini,Shashi Mittal & Anil Deshmukh
  • Format : Fiction & Drama
  • Country of origin : India
  • Status(s) : Archive
  • Directed by : Nandita Mehra
  • Production company(s) : Pintoo Guha & Rupali Guha

The story is about how much one can jealous to her best of friends. Here, Ichcha and Tapasya are two friends, where Ichcha is a daughter of maid servant and Tapasya is a daughter of same landlord. They both are best friends but soon become the rival to each other. Well, the behavior change is on the part Tapasya, who started ignoring Ichcha after she is getting liked by her family members. Now, she developed a statement that servant daughter can never be a friend of richer. Well, not only this, there are many controversies that have been made their lives more than rivals. Keep on seeing an interesting show of Uttaran.

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