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5 Indian Restaurants amid 101 Best

A Taiwanese eatery renowned for its dumplings was crowned Asia's best eatery, while restaurants in Beijing asserted the lion's share of spots in the top ten of a new survey of the food-obsessed region's best banqueting. Five Indian restaurants finished it to the list of 101 best Asian restaurants. Din Tai Fung in the Taiwanese capital Taipei was graded number one in the inaugural "101 Best Restaurants in Asia" list, issued on Thursday by the U.S.-based food website The Daily Meal, which does alike polls in the United States and Europe. "Eventually we chose ... a place best-known for doing one thing extremely flawlessly," said Colman Andrews, editorial director of The Daily Meal, adding that they were conscious their selection of the restaurant, which has turned off into an international chain, would be notorious. Half of the top ten restaurants were in Beijing, with Duck de Chine - renowned for its Peking duck - at second place, and the Chinese-style nouvelle cuisine Green T. House at third. "Our sense is that Shanghai has had a good reputation as a restaurant city for a few time, due both to a well-built regional cuisine and the early incursions of Western superstar chefs ... but that Beijing is absolutely catching up," said Andrews. "It's a deficient analogy, but in a way the culinary difference between the two mirrors that between New York City and Washington D.C. The previous is more famous as a food city, but Washington more and more offers serious competition - generally just with a little less fanfare." Varq, in New Delhi, appeared in sixth. The top ten was rounded out by Hong Kong's respected Lung King Heen and Michel Bras TOYA, Japan, a Michelin three-star restaurant on Japan's northernmost island of Hokkaido. Andrews said that Asia's prosperous restaurant scene was raising some interesting novel trends. Apart from Varq, four other Indian restaurants made the list such as Orient Express and Bukhara in New Delhi; Indigo in Mumbai and Karavalli in Bangalore. "India, certainly, will bear on to develop in restaurant terms and I hope not wholly through the efforts of the top hotel chains but I also feel South Korea illustrates great promise, and frankly I'm amazed that more of its top restaurants didn't place on our list," Andrews said. The top Korean restaurant was The Byeokje Galbi in Seoul, which appeared in at 30.

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