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Air India Gets Dreamliner Boeing 787

Air India received first delivery on Friday of Boeing 787 Dreamliner manufactured in South Carolina and the first made outside of Boeing Commercial’s Headquarters.

The delivery scores another landmark in Boeing's efforts to make wider its production base beyond Washington, where all of its other jets have been manufactured. The 787 is mostly outsourced to other countries, with wing and other parts transported in for final assembly to Boeing facilities in Washington and at the present, South Carolina. Boeing's commercial headquarters are in Chicago.

"Airplane manufactured, airplane completed, airplane winged, and now today, airplane transported," said Jack Jones, chief executive of Boeing South Carolina whose $750 million final assembly plant in North Charleston was began in fall 2009. Production started in the summer of 2011. The first plane was finished in April.

Boeing manufacturing unit at South Carolina also builds and assembles the mid-body and aft-body fuselage parts for all 787s at the manufacturing plant.

Delivery of Air India's finished 787s was additional postponed this summer by meeting between Boeing and the Indian government over reimbursement for the manufacturing delays and by government, said Dinesh Keskar, Boeing's vice president of sales and marketing for Asia-Pacific and India.

By 2031, India will become the fourth-largest economy in the world, Keskar said. "No place in the world, counting China, has a larger rate of development," he said. Boeing predicted that India will require 1,450 airplanes in the next 20 years, Keskar said.

The company has transported 28 Dreamliners as of Friday, Keskar said. It has orders of 824 extra from 58 customers, he said.

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