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Rs 349 Crore To Keep Hindi Alive

The government has washed-out crores on encouraging Hindi in the nation and overseas in recent years. A current RTI query sent to the department of language (DOL) has disclosed that Rs 348.90 crore was allotted between 2009 and 2012 to evolve and boost the language.

The DOL's response to the RTI query confirms the munificence, saying that the money has been well expended. Expecting the question why the same attention has not been spread to other languages in a country of significant linguistic diversity, DOL adds: "Hindi has been accepted as an official language under Section 343 of the Formation."

The attempts have carnivore fruit, DOL claims, citing the gain in the number of town official language implementation committees (TOLICs) being set up 26 new TOLICs have been set up during the last eight months liked to the five-six set up on common every year formerly. The committees -297 in all are answerable for reviewing and advancing the implementation of the official language policy and to talk about the difficulties being featured in that process.

Besides DOL, the HRD ministry too boosts and transmits Hindi, through three institutions -- Central Hindi Directorate (CHD), Central Institute of Hindi (CIH) and Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology (CSTT). The ministry oversees degree and post-graduate courses in Hindi in the universities as well.

The language require to be given its due as it has had an alternative status to English, which proceeds to be used in official communications and is being expressed by a growing number of Indians, says acting chairman of Hindi Sansthan, UP, Uday Pratap Singh. There have been anti-Hindi fermentation in the past in a few southern states, but Singh says that it would be fallacious to say "that states in south have not condemned to Hindi as an official language. Promotion of Hindi is joined to national consolidation and pride."

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