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US Man Gets $45,400 to Change Surname

It's not all that unusual for somebody to change their last name, maybe when they get wedded, or become a famed movie star. But one US industrialist had a different motive to change his name. He has agreed to a new identity for a year to whatever name the top bidder required in an online auction.

So 30-year-old Jason Sadler from Florida will turn into Jason HeadsetsDotCom on January 1 after the website decided to pay Sadler $45,500 to lawfully change his name. "All through my life I've had three divide last names, none of which have conceded any real import for me or my sense of identity," Sadler said on his website,

"So prior this year when my mom allow me know she'd be going through a divorce, it happened to me that flaking my last name might really make a lot of wisdom for me," said Sadler, who was then encouraged to sell his last name throughout an online auction that allowed any company who wanted their business name as his new last name to offer a bid.

Voting started on November 1 and finished on Wednesday at midnight, with the top bidder being, which affirms on its website that it is America's top supplier of office telephone earpieces. Sadler announced on his website that he "will presently turn out to be a walking, talking billboard" for the company, and is "ready and willing" to get bigger upon any further marketing ideas for a further cost.

"We've finished some mad marketing things ourselves in the times of yore," Mike Faith, president of, told CNN about Sadler's plan that he said is an ideal fit for the company. Twenty-five businesses partaken in the auction, with and battling it out in anticipation of the very end.

Sadler said he will present 10 percent of the money received from the auction to a non-profit organization called Cheerful Givers, which is dedicated to giving less fortunate children gifts on their birthdays and holidays. He will make use of the rest for future marketing ideas. Self-branding is not a new idea for Sadler. In 2009, he started an advertising movement where he hoisted more than $66,000 by wearing diverse company t-shirts.

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