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Anil Kapoor Desires Six Pack Abs at 53

He has just turned 53, and he needs to work en route for a six-pack physique. And as he gets older, he says desires to maintain his eating habits in check and be as helpful as the Dalai Lama. "I never had a paunch but unfortunately I never had a six-pack also. Expectantly with my son's help, I'll get there also. In the meantime, I've lost a lot more heaviness just for '24', a TV Show. I am more sprightly and flexible and leaner. I have lost six kgs," said Anil, who celebrated his birthday Monday.

He is happy that he has used up many years of life working hard. "I attempt my best to do the correct thing. Age is just a figure. Staying fit and well is just a matter of control. Lately, I had the good luck of meeting the Dalai Lama. I thought so rinsed! Just paying attention to him is such an inspiring experience." "There's not anything I haven't completed in my life. I can ravine on forbidden food any time. But I confess I make a lot of culinary sacrifices. One has to give up some enjoyments to attain what one wants to," he said.

He confesses he has never shied away from tough work. "It appears like I've been working all my life. And that's the approach I like it. I've always gone by nature For example; I was presented television in the west, with big cash. But I gravely wasn't tempted. Come to imagine of it, I've always marveled why others get big money, while I've to work off to make a polite living."

"Nothing has appeared easy to me. I've plodded for the whole thing I've got. And that's the way I desire it," he added. Anil welcomed the great effort that comes with victory.

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