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Indian Girl lined up for Oscar Nomination

Sherin Catherine, 24, wrote the lyrics of two songs for Rupesh Paul's 'Saint Dracula', is all grins. The lyrics 'I Be Here' and 'I Have Secrets' written by her and composed by Sreevalson J Menon have prepared it to the directory of 75 songs selected for nominations in the unique song group for the 85th Academy Awards 2012. Amazingly, this is her maiden attempt.

It was most recent year when she become aware of the Facebook notification searching for young talents to write lyrics for the film 'Saint Dracula 3D'. She made contact with the administrative team of the movie and was inquired to send in a few of her original writings in style. Soon after a month, she was offered the opportunity to write the lyrics of two songs for the movie.

"It got me three months to stop writing two songs for the movie. The songs were revised four to five times since then. Sreevalsan J Menon, the music composer, and myself would devote hours on teleconferencing, receiving the lyrics right. He would sing the songs over and over once more on phone and I would be correcting the lines for that reason. After a distance of one and half years we finally appeared with two amazing songs," Sherin, presently pursuing her doctorate program in Cognitive Science from IIT-Gandhinagar, said.

Sherin, who is from Kottayam, experiences this disputation for nomination has changed her life. "Of course, I benefit from the fame. And it makes me desire to think grave about writing as a career. I have obtained few offers in hand previously. Parents, friends and folks appear to be happy. This is one of the delighted moments in my life."

The young writer is looking to come out with a set of short stories in Malayalam early next year. "I want to take writing more acutely now. Reading was always my motivation. I read and got stirred to write. It is fine to read. Even superior to write," she says.

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