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Rafi’s Son Look for Legal Action against Lata

Mohammad Rafi’s son Shahid Rafi has disproved her just a day after Lata Mangeshkar asserted that late singer Mohammad Rafi had made an apology to her in writing, saying it was only a publicity stunt and he might take a legal action against.

"My father was a national asset. I am very upset and so are his fans. Chain of his fan is much larger than any other artiste. If she can confirm that my father had written an excuse letter to her, and then I am set to apologies", Shahid told reporters.

"She must to illustrate the letter. My father passed away years back, and now she is discussing about this letter? People carry on precious documents for yet fifty years. Why hasn't she preserved the paper which would grant her self-respect", he said.

In a conference to a newspaper, Lata was excerpted as having said that she and Rafi clashed over monarchies. When Rafi had supposed that he would not sing with her at a meeting focused by other musicia ns, she had allegedly stroked back by saying that it was she who would not sing with Rafi.

Mangeshkar went on to state that the issue was established with the help of musician Jaikishen.

"I received Rafi's letter and ruined the cold war, but whenever I would see him, the hurt would come again," she was excerpted in the newspaper.

According to Shahid, I think this is a publicity stunt as she is unconfident with the huge fan following my father has, yet after his death.

"I will wait for eight to ten days than I will have to file a legal judgment concerning the same," he said.

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