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19-Year Old Appointed for Scale Everest

Saachi Soni, a 19 years old girl, but has previously measured some of the highest peaks in India. She has now been selected for an campaign to Mount Everest by the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute in Darjeeling. No barrier is too broad for this teenager as she is all set to scale the world's tallest peak.

"It's a big laurel. In fact I'll take Ganga water to extended the message to fresh the Ganga," Saachi said. While the trek starts just in April 2014, the Delhi University student is going away no stone right-side-up.

She raises five floors brought 20 kg weight each day, runs for 7 to 8 kms, goes to the gym regular and jumps a thousand times and also does Yoga. "She trains for 6 hours daily. We form her do breathless exercises and reflexion," her trainer Dipak Saini said.

For the mass communication scholar from Delhi's Indraprastha College, juggling amidst studies and the campaign hasn't been a simple task. But her friends believe she is doing an okay job of it. Saachi Soni's succession of escapade began since she was only seven and she has sustained going, having scaled four peaks in Gharwhal and Sikkim Himalayas consisting the 21,600 feet high Mt Bandarpunch. "When kids would move for holidays I'd complete these courses," Saachi said.

Saachi, who will be a member of an eight-member unit, is appearing for sponsorship to assist her expedition. Her friends say she is a motivation for all as no mountain is broad enough for this young girl, who they say will certainly go places.

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