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A Single Gujarat Woman Cracked UPSC

Komal Ganatra, thirty-two-year-old woman from Gujarat is only female candidate from the state to have cracked the UPSC exam this year. After four attempts, the uphill struggle has lastly paid off. With a 591 ranking on the nationwide merit list, she is a motivation. But what makes Komal's achievement even more precious is her strength to make a difference. Within a fortnight of her marriage to one Shailesh Popat in 2008, she was thrown out by her in-laws for not paying dowry. When all attempts to find her husband booked failed, Komal determined to set things right for herself. "The nastiest was the social refuse. That was not easy. Now this has happened and it's a great delight," Komal said. Her father Pravin Ganatra, a retired school teacher of Savarkundla city in Gujarat's Amreli district, is her motivation and model. But with a couple of months to go before she finds her first posting, she's keen adequate to help her mother in the kitchen as well. "I wish that she does a lot of excellent work and I wish that she services the civilization," her mother said. "She has fought a lot. Now I feel she should give out the society as much as she can," her father Pravin Ganatra said. This woman, who has conquered a lot of hardships, counseling aspiring civil servants to work hard, "To achieve something, you just have to work hard," she says. And that's what Komal Ganatra aspires to do and keep working to serve society and help people just about her.

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