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Ashish Nanda Elects as IIM-A director

The Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad is all set to find its first head from abroad. Sources said Harvard Law School's professor Ashish Nanda has received the offer to be the next director and has previously applied for leave at Harvard. However, the IIM-A is yet to obtain any official communication from the ministry of human resource development. "Tenured professors in the US have the choice of taking leave from their university to work somewhere else. The procedure has been cleared by the Prime Minister's Office but MHRD is still to converse it to the institute," a source said. Nanda's wife-Shubha Nanda, a principal dentist in Brookline, Massachusetts, is said to be in the final stages of discussion for a job at a dental college in Gandhi Nagar. Improbability reigns over IIM-A with acting director Ajay Pandey's term ending on June 30, 2013. "I don't recognize about the appointment of the new director yet. As of now, I am supercilious that I will be out by June 30," Pandey said. In case of further postponement, he will be given yet an additional extension. Sources said numerous decisions have been delayed at the institute due to the impending selection. For instance, the institute does not have a dean (alumni) after Vijaya Sherry Chand's term ended lately. A visiting faculty hinted that his course was being postponed due to the delay in the director's selection. In early March, IIM-A sent three names to the MHRD for appointment of the director after explore and selection committee led by IIM-A board chairman A M Naik confirmed the names of candidates at a meeting. Three candidates-Nanda, G Raghuram and Rakesh Basant - were forwarded to MHRD to choose a successor to Samir Barua, whose extended term ended on March 31. A Robert Braucher Professor of Practice at Harvard Law School Nanda is faculty director of executive education at the university. Before joining Harvard Law School, Nanda was a Harvard Business School faculty member for 13 years.

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