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Bangalore Man Yields Free Cancer Treatment

Dr Krishna Rao in Bangalore is giving free health curing and care to poor lastly ill cancer patients. For just about 14 years, he has been serving them through with his Karunashraya foundation.

"I wasn't fitted out to come here, my brother bring down me here as he couldn't provide treatment to me in a hospital," said Lincoln, a patient. 78-year-old Lincoln missing his leg to cancer just about five years ago. Lastly ill now, the Karunashraya Cancer lodging opened its doors to him rendering medical care and a place to call home in his past few days. "Doctors and nurses are so decent, they give me whatever I need, there's no trouble," Lincoln said.

Constituted in 1999, the medical care center supplies free palliative care for period of time ill cancer patients. Krishna Rao lay off his full-time job and set out to construct an institution that fitted nothing close to a regular medical institution. What came up alternatively was a piece of land of serenity for patients in their most distressful times.

Even as he battles to speak to his son, Hafeez Shaikh knows that Karunashrya has bestowed him what no one else could. Diagnosed with an in-alterable brain tumour and incapable to afford admission in a private healthcare facility, his family moved him here, to form his last few days more cozy.

Likewise housing patients here, Karunashraya also renders a unique home care facility, where medical experts get convene with patients at their residence and train their families in alleviatory care.

Dr Kumar, who directs the medical team lost his mother to cancer many years ago. He gave up a soft private hospital job to work for the patients here. Karunashraya can only adapt 50 patients as of now. But over time, they expect to spread out and guarantee that the lives of those who have lost the expectancy to live are at least made more comfy.

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