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Colorless Gem Auctioned for $26.7M

A massive diamond uncovered in Botswana powered a strange price of $26.7 million from Christie's auction house on Wednesday among the spring ceremony of well-heeled bidders collecting or phoning in to Geneva's luxury sales. The pear-shaped gem accounted for above a quarter of the $102 million in sales rung up by Christie's Wednesday night, a nighttime after Sotheby's had $78 million in sales. "A wonderful diamond commands a perfect cost," Christie's broadcasted on Twitter of the record sale price for the major D-color flawless diamond ever offered at auction - a monstrous 101.73 carats that took 21 months to shine. Jewellery, watches and other luxury items are sold each spring by the big auction houses at Geneva's stylish lakefront hotels - apparently a world away from some European nations whose economies are lessening as their governments endorse often tough budget severity measures to get a hold on their debts. Sotheby's auction faceted a diamond jewelry collection belonging to Italian screen actress Gina Lollobrigida that obtained $4.9 million, a few of which she plans to donate to stem cell research. The public sale house said eight bidders struggled for Lollobrigida's pair of diamond and natural pearl earrings, which lastly sold for more than $2.3 million and set a new auction record for such an item. The 85-year-old actress, who starred opposed Humphrey Bogart, Frank Sinatra and other top actors in the 1950s and 1960s, said she was promoting the jewelry partially to fund a global hospital for stem cell treatment. Among other objects auctioned off Tuesday night was Barcelona soccer star Lionel Messi's Audemars Piguet No. 10 Royal Oak Chronograph wristwatch, which auctioned for $81,850 to lift up wealth for the four-time FIFA player of the year's foundation. After that sale, Lollobrigida said her jewels had brought her much delight for many years, but she hopes that "selling them will lift up consciousness of stem cell therapy, which can make well so many illnesses".

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