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Crusader Who Co-found 'Green Rating System'

From making India's first carbon calculator to co-founding India's introductory green rating system, a green reformist in Mumbai practices what he urges. Vivek Gilani is an environmental engineer by occupation. The 36-year-old is popularly famed as the environmental crusader amidst family and friends, thanks to his eagerness for environment.

His greenish love started as early as the 8th standard when he got crooked to the TV serial 'Race to Save the Planet'. "I have been named an environmental violent to a creep with an heavy compulsive condition," Gilani said.

Unlike numerous, Gilani hasn't just preached about good practices to cut down carbon footprint. He tells about how he has alloyed it in his own daily lifestyle. On the top side of his building, Gilani has set up solar panels which demand hot water to the inhabitants of the building. Also, a kitchen garden and a composting system within his society postulates. But all this has been a large challenge.

Constituting up the solar panels in his personal building has been a riotous task, but Vivek Gilani through his work has surely showed that going green doesn't mean forfeiting on the fun quotient. As he sets it, he is proud about his green obsession. It's his status symbol.

From launching India's first carbon calculator to co-founding India's first eco-labelling, the 'Green Signal', Gilani has condemned his passion to the next level. Formed on the lines of America's Green Seal, the thought of 'Green Signal' is to distinguish between best green practice leaders and green-washers.

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