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David Headley Sentenced for 35 Years

David Headley, an American terrorist who involved watching targets for the 2008 Islamic militant raid on Mumbai and after on agreed to declare in the oppositions the plotters to shun the death penalty, was sentenced on Thursday to 35 years in prison house.

The sentence are agreed by U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber, was the highest wanted by federal prosecutors.

The attacks putting to death more than 160 people, counting six Americans. Headley, a 52-year-old U.S. citizen of Pakistani origin, admitted video recording sites that were aimed by the Mumbai attackers.

He was detained in 2009 and founded guilty to 12 charges, including confederacy to bomb places of public use and give murder and scheming an attack on a Danish newspaper.

After entry his supplication in 2010, Headley worked with U.S. investigators and foreign intelligence agencies to head off the death penalty and surrender to India, Pakistan or Denmark, agreeing to prove in foreign judicial proceedings, the government said.

In a note filed with Judge Leinenweber before this week, the government said "there is little query that life imprisonment would be a proper punishment for Headley's improbably serious crimes but for the momentous value provided by his proximate and all-embracing cooperation."

Last week, Judge Leinenweber gave sentence Pakistani-born businessperson Tahawwur Rana to 14 years in federal prison for rendering support to the Lashkar-e-Taiba, the group damned for the Mumbai attacks.

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