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Downfall of 225 B-schools in 2 years

When the sun of the new millennium appeared up, excelling on the aims of a young India, it scored the golden time for professional or vocational education. In the previous part of the last decade, hundreds of new institutions and colleges came up and thousands of candidates lined up to join them. That was a time when the nation reserved up to a lakh seats to the professional institutions or colleges each year.

After a decade, the vision is one of harsh distinction in technical professional colleges: since 2011, 225 B-schools and over 50 engineering colleges across India have putted down its shutters. Number of colleges or institutions has spruced programs, branches of engineering or streams in the management course.

If speaking about the management course, the Master of Business Administration program was supreme at once time. Unpleasantly and explicitly, it turned into the final sign-off to schooling, drawing not only those involved in business but also those who needed to master the tools of management.

Now, overall escalation of MBA education is totally downbeat in the books of the AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education). In 2011-12, 146 new B-schools established up and 124 that were previously running shut down. This year so far, 101 management colleges have experienced shutter down, only 82 have in progress.

S S Mantha, AICTE chairman, said that this is a revolving phase for the professional education segment. Colleges in far-flung India and institutes of poor class are not receiving students. And for colleges, there is just one key to drawing students: institutes should to be top-of-the-line colleges. There is no bribe in running a poor college.

Samir Barua, Director of IIM Ahmedabad, said that the problem is also connected to slow down. As job market has become so tense for many years, they are cautious to take any such risks now.

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