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DU Admission Start over Protest/Confusion

The compete for college admissions has started among protests by students and faculty members over renovating the three-year graduate programme at the Delhi University into a four-year course. As the campus ruins divided over the matter, the students and parents seem puzzled. The brand new admission term at the Delhi University appears with a twist. From this year, an honours degree will take four years to complete quite than three. As the campus continues divided over the course, mystification prevails. Varsha, with her 95 per cent score, is most expected to get into a good college, but is boasting second thoughts about DU. "I always sought to go to DU but now I'm not sure if the fourth year is importance it," She said. An additional year is not to everybody's liking but that may not essentially be a bad thing given the four exit points at offer. "Those who complete two years get a diploma, on three years they get a Bachelors degree and on the finishing point of four years, they get a Bachelors degree with honours," said DU Professor Prakash Narayan. The dispute over the FYUP has fallen over to the streets of Delhi even attainment the Supreme Court, which declined a stay against it. Even though admissions have begun, the protests are expected to continue. Another bone of argument is the 11 mandatory foundation courses which have to be finished in the first two years. The four-year course does assure to support the university with its foreign counterparts and it may make it simpler to apply abroad. But many still remain uncertain. With the course being executed from this session itself, how much will these benefit student remains to be seen?

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