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IIT Seats Remain Empty as 769 Reject

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), where receiving admission is said to be more complicated than entering few Ivy League colleges in the US, have had to go through the humiliation of a second round of allocations to fill up all the seats. A total of 769 students, who got a chance to study in the leading institutes, did the unthinkable this year: They declined to study in an IIT. It's an exceptional situation where still general category seats in various IITs across the country have continued vacant after the first round of admission. Earlier, only seats preordained for reserved categories used to go empty, but this time there is expectation for general category students too as seats are up for grasped. The reasons for not joining the esteemed institutions varied from "not having confidence in the new IITs" to "getting allotments in not-so-popular streams". The second round, which will begin on Wednesday, offers optimism to aspirants to get into top engineering schools of India. "Hundreds of seats are offered for students of all categories," said JEE (advanced) chairman H C Gupta. Students who took admission were presented internal betterment before the second allocation. So, if a student with a ranking of 1,100 did not obtain the seat allotted, another with a lower ranking got that place (if he chosen for that subject in the preference form). "While there are seats available in each IIT, most unfilled seats are at ISM-Dhanbad. IT-BHU (now an IIT), which used to have many unfilled seats, does not have as lots of vacancies this year. It has enhanced," Gupta said.

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