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Schools to Manage Attendance via SMS

After an unsuccessful attempt to record attendance of school students online, the state education department will now try to conduct it via SMS. Only 10% of the one lakh schools in the state replied to the online attendance system which impelled the education department to kick off the attendance through cell phones used extensively by school officials and teachers. The department carried out a survey to discover how many schools used the online attendance system brought in by the government this academic year. Of the 1.3 lakh primary schools in the state, only 10,000 had taken on the system since June. Primary schools were inquired to register daily attendance of students and teachers online through special software. State education director Mahavir Mane, said, "Many schools in the interiors told they faced troubles with internet connectivity as well as power cuts that shaped barriers in updating the attendance online, finally leading them to stop using the software. Some schools were negligent despite being able to use it efficiently. Hence, we decided to use cellphones now available with almost every individual." The online attendance system was intended at checking attendance of students and teachers in all the primary schools. The authorities can take instant action against schools with poor attendance. According to the rule, all students, teachers and principals should have at least 80% attendance. The education department would arrange an application for cell phones for the attendance system which could be generously downloaded by teachers on their phone and send every day attendance to the education department. Mane said the present online system will also be used once the cellphone-based application is launched. "The online system will not be scrapped. We have installed software where every primary school has been given a login identity to register their attendance details."

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