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UID Mandatory from Jan 1st

The Delhi government has set out public notes announcing that an Aadhaar card will be necessary from January 1 for access to each government service. The notice has left people mystified for lakhs of Delhiites are yet to be registered under the Aadhaar programme.

On Saturday, Nandan Nilekani signified the UIDAI at the start on of Delhi Government's Annshree Yojana which is referred to as the first Aadhaar UID-enabled plan. He had informed the audience that Delhi has seen an enrollment of 1.30 crore people in Delhi and of this number UID numbers have been issued to just about 1.20 crore. In all Delhi has a likely population of about 1.67 crore. Thus over 35 lakh are still to be enrolled.

The public notice set out by the department of revenue and the UIDAI affirms that "Aadhaar card is obligatory from January 1 for access to all government services". It goes on to point that Aadhaar ID will offer services like opening of a bank account, Annshree Yojana, new mobile connection, LPG connection, old age pension, BPL card and scholarship for students.

Revenue secretary Dharampal said that when people come to the offices of the revenue region for a variety of kinds of registrations they will be inquired to provide their UID number. "If they don't boast an ID, they will be asked to enroll. For now definite revenue services are carrying out this on experiment basis," Dharampal said.

However, revenue minister Arvinder Singh, whose representation is present along with that of the chief minister on the notice, is less self-assured on utilize of the word "compulsory". "We will inquire for the UID number from January 1, but since not everybody is registered people will not be denied a service like pension or other social security profit that will be Aadhaar-enabled," Singh said. He said in the months forward the government will build an effort to link as many services as likely to Aadhaar and pace up the enrollments.

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