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UP Faces Scarcity Of 3-Lakh Teacher

Uttar Pradesh experiences largest teacher shortages in India as current figure is 3 lakh. The UP government has created English a mandatory subject from Class I onwards, but it has failed to make sure enough number of trained English teachers in its schools. According to Ashok Ganguly, ex-chairman of the Central Board of Secondary Education, only 2-2.5% teachers (primary and secondary) around the state can teach or converse in English. The state is previously struggling with a delicate shortage of teachers, leading to a condition where a science teacher is teaching Hindi and a mathematics teacher is taking social science classes, said Ganguly. Ganguly said there was a vital need for UP to obtain a good cadre of educators who could pass on training to primary and secondary teachers. "Classroom teaching needs to be renovated," he said. "In district after district, there are barely teachers who recognize their subject. No one can teach anything to the children." Figures issued lately by the Union ministry of human resource development make known that UP required three lakh teachers in schools, the utmost in the country. Other states facing a rigorous shortage of teachers incorporate Bihar (2.60 lakh) and West Bengal (one lakh). As per the figures put out by the district information system of education, there are approximate 20% (8.6 lakh) untrained teachers in the nation. UP alone have 1.43 lakh teachers who have not been selected as per the standards of the National Council for Teachers' Education (NCTE), the apex body for matters pertaining to teacher education, training and research. Censuring the state for not employing the 25% quota for children from economically weaker sections in private schools, Ganguly said the schools complained of a funds scarcity, although this should be a secondary distress. "The major focus must be on education for all," he said. "There should be an apparent, hassle-free system for repayment of fees to the schools." An ex-CBSE chief said that only 2-2.5% of primary and secondary school teachers in Uttar Pradesh can talk in English.

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