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Woman Who Fled At 17, Turns Millionaire

In what is a 'tags to riches' story, Chanda Zaveri ran from the forces level of getting married at 17 and came back home after 30 years as a millionaire. Born in a blimpish Marwari family, her mother craved to force her into a wedlock that she did not wish to and a life that she did not pick out.

Activator CEO Chanda Zaveri said, "I informed to her that this is not my way of life, my journey is somewhere other, she did not take heed to me and said if you don't get wedded, I will kill myself."

At 17, with three saris and no money, Chanda fled away to America to live with unknowns she had befriended in India. The strangers after became her adoptive family. "I had lost my nation, my home, the whole thing I knew and at that time I felt freedom. At that time I felt self-governing, I felt independent," she said.

But for her family back home in India her flight meant dishonor. Her brother Arun Kumar said, "We were pointed out. Our neighbors created fun of us, they said your woman has fled. Everyone joked."

Today, Chanda is a thought for her assemblage. A prosperous molecular biologist with four patients, she is a CEO of a booming skin care company in the US. This is a life that she decided, a life of freedom. "I have no declination, I have no sorrow, if I have to do it once again, I will do the selfsame."

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