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Oscar Statuettes Positioned For Auction

Oscar academy award is one of the most ultimate red carpet event of the year in which Oscar statue is the one and only featured item. According to the latest reports by organizers, fifteen Oscar statues are to be auctioned next week. Two days after, fifteen coveted Oscar statues are to be slated for auction in Los Angeles, California. As claimed by the organizers, this 2012 auction is set to be held on February 28 and is the largest collection of academy awards ever to go under hammer. As reported by Los Angeles auctioneers Nate D Sanders, the awards ceremony involves the one given to writer Herman Mankiewicz for his ‘Citizen Kane’ screenplay with Orson Wellness. The few other Oscars up for sale on February 28 will feature the 1993 best picture Oscar for ‘Cavalcade’, film editing and musical score statuettes for the 1946 classic "The Best Years of Our Lives" and cinematographer Gregg Toland's 1939 Oscar for the black and white movie "Wuthering Heights". Oscar statues have always been a dream of many actors and actresses. In fact, many of them have some or the other day tasted the flavor of this delightful statue in their lives.

The collection show cased after the academy award ceremony is the most significant collection to ever be auctioned because it contains academy awards from epic films such as ‘Citizen Kane’ and ‘The best years of our lives’. Moreover, the surprising things to ever happen is that ‘Cavalcade’ is the earliest best picture Oscar to ever be offered in an auction. Especially, Oscars are something that is rare to be found in an auction. The academy of motion picture arts and sciences in 1950 introduced an agreement that banned winners from selling their Oscars to anyone but the academy for the nominal sum of $1. According to the sources, the auction house is expecting to fetch a total of about $2 million from the fifteen Oscars. The 2012 academy awards will be a wholesome exciting and entertaining events to be watched so do not forget to catch the 2012 Oscar statue auction where they will be handed out on a ceremony in Hollywood on Feb 26 live.

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