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3 Attacks Made to Kill Sanjay Gandhi

There were three defamation endeavors on Sanjay Gandhi, a key figure during the Emergency, seeing one where a high powered rifle was utilized when the leader was visiting Uttar Pradesh, a US cable extincted by WikiLeaks has claimed. In a September 1976 report, according to US embassy, then prime minister Indira Gandhi's younger son was aimed by an unknown attacker in a "well planned assassination effort" which failed. The date proposes the occurrence happened during the Emergency. "Indira Gandhi's son Sanjay Gandhi was shot three times on August 30 or 31 by an anonymous assailant," the cable says, constructing the information to a clandestine source. The report says Sanjay escaped and was not seriously injured. If Sanjay did undergo injuries, their nature is not specific but interestingly the cable grounds its information on information supplied by Indian intelligence sources. "Indian intelligence reported, this is the third try on the younger Gandhi's life," the cable provinces and goes on to speculation that the attack will eventually be blamed on radical elements supported by outside powers. Another US cables have noted that Sanjay and Indira's private secretary R K Dhawan were "non-ideological" dictatorial figures behind the Emergency who functioned to make sure the PM's power stayed unchallenged. The surpluses of the Emergency led to Congress suffering a determining defeat in the 1977 election that were held after Indira Gandhi raised the curbs on fundamental rights. Janata Party swept to powerfulness but in all inquiries that followed, there was no remark of any attempts to kill Sanjay. Sanjay was killed in a plane crash in the Capital on June 23, 1980 soon after Congress came back to power after inside squabble used-up the Janata Party. He was 33 and a ascending star in the Congress intelligibly seen as successor to his mother. His advance death brought his older brother Rajiv into politics who till then was a commercial pilot with Indian Airlines. Rajiv yet turned prime minister after the assassination of his mother and then prime minister Indira Gandhi in 1984.

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