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British Herald to Meet Narendra Modi

Britain's diplomat will visit India to meet Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, the first such trip since tedious religious riots in his state 10 years back and a key boost to the pro-business leader's mission for normal getting. Britain's foreign minister for India, Hugo Swire, on Thursday inculcated the diplomat to meet Modi, who many suppose could be the next prime minister. The policy move reflects both the leader's growing fame and Gujarat's power in the Indian economy. "This will permit us to talk about a wide range of issues of joint interest and to discover opportunities for closer collaboration," Swire said in a statement. Modi is distinguished as most powerful opposition candidate for general elections in two years, thanks to fast development and a insight of corruption-free governance in his state, which has 5 percent of India's populace but supplies 16 percent to national industrial output. But alleges he was complicit in the riots occurred before ten years, which killed at least 1,000 mainly Muslim victims have cast a long outline over his goals. In spite of big investments by European and U.S. businesses in Gujarat, Modi has been avoided by Western governments after the religious brutality. A spokesperson at the British High Commission in New Delhi said the strategy move reflected Gujarat's lively economic and business atmosphere and came after prestigious certainties of some politicians in the state over the riots. "If you can't keep yourself busy at a senior political level, it is very tough to mark opportunities," the spokesperson said, also accepted that Modi's rising political fortunes were an issue in the decision. No date has been put for the call, which needs approval by India's foreign ministry. "We expect soon," the spokesperson said.

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