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Modi rocks Patna with Record Crowd

The various jimmy-jib cameras are for an aerial view of the surging crowds. The fast camera actions copied from MTV shows. The steady cameras are to follow people on the stage. The proficient event management firm for set design and hi-tech acoustics. The enormous translites and huge LED screens are arranged. The stage seemed place more for a rock show by the reigning superstar. But this was no music carnival. This was BJP's PM candidate Narendra Modi's first rally in Bihar. And what a first appearance it was. Patna's historic Gandhi Maidan was crowded to the brim with excited supporters who had travelled many hours from different parts of the state. They had move toward in especially-arranged trains and buses and had walked countless miles to reach the Gandhi Maidan. Many had finished their own arrangements to come and snoop to a man that had so far been denied the chance to enter Bihar by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. The venue started filling up from the little hours of the morning and by the time the Gujarat Chief Minister arrived around 1 pm; there was not an inch of free space. People had ascended onto roofs and terraces of high climb buildings adjoining the venue. They had even jumped onto Mahatma Gandhi's statue at the entrance of the ground. Every corner was in use. And as Modi was walking up the stage, an wholehearted horde crashed through the barricades and entered the media enclosed space and the VIP area. Chants of "Modi, Modi" filled the air, quite like the chants that rally for Sachin at the Wankhade Stadium. The crowd latched onto each word Modi spoke, quite like cricket fans would gladness at every stroke Sachin played. There were manifold blasts near the venue of the rally just prior to Modi started speaking. At first they sounded like Diwali crackers being set off by keyed up supporters. But as news dripped in of casualties, nervousness gripped the air. Local BJP leaders appeared on the microphone and tried to downplay the explosions and dismissed them as "tyre blasts and firecrackers". The crowds were influenced that this was a plan to ruin Modi's rally.

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