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Sharif Seeks Out Distrust With India

Nawaz Sharif, on the edge to become prime minister for a third time after a crucial victory in Pakistan's election, said on Monday the mistrust that has long unwavering relations with India must be dealt with. Sharif told that he had a "long gossip" with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Sunday and the two swapped invitations to visit a diplomatic subtlety in some parts of the world but a greatly symbolic step for South Asia's arch-rivals. Asked over by an Indian reporter if he would invite Singh for his swearing-in as prime minister, Sharif said: "I will be very pleased to lengthen that invitation." "There are doubts on your side, there are doubts on our side," Sharif added during a news conference at his home on the outskirts of Lahore. "We have to gravely speak to this." Sharif's power stand is Pakistan's most affluent province, Punjab, which meets across the border from an Indian state with the same name. A free marketeer, he desires to perceive trade between the two countries unchained, and he has a history of making peace-making gestures towards New Delhi. Sharif's come back to supremacy after 14 years has increased worry that he will again cross swords with the military, which has long prohibited Pakistan's foreign and security policies. But Sharif said he "never had any difficulty with the army", just Musharraf, and as prime minister he would make sure that the military and the civilian government worked together. Sharif will require the army's collaboration to help tackle Pakistan's many security challenges: a Taliban insurgency, separatists combating in the western province of Baluchistan, and the fast rise of sectarian groups such as the militant Sunni Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, which on Monday claimed responsibility for a huge truck bomb in the city of Quetta. Musharraf, who reconciled as president in 2008 and went into self-imposed exile overseas, came back in March to run in Saturday's elections. Instead, he was under arrest for his attack on the judiciary during his rule and put under house arrest.

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